You will receive access to the member's Pro App. You do not have to be in the trading room to get alerts. We alert when we buy a position, close a position, and when we adjust a stop. 


  • Trade alerts posted via "Pro Trading App."
  • Rick will post alerts when HRC takes a trade, the entry, stop, and when adjustments are made.
  • Access to HRC active trading room
  • Learn price action, patterns, signals, and base hits from Rick, the secret to his Road To Wealth Account.
  • Live commentary pre-market review each morning before the market opens.
  • Trading education second to none!
  • Rick Saddler - 33 years trading experience and a 1400% trading account increase in 30 months. Total transparency - our bank statement is on our website.


  • Learning about chart patterns – The heart to Rick's success.
  • Candlestick signals – The best tool in the world to understand price action.
  • Trends – just how important are they.
  • Trend-lines – how to draw them, from where to where.
  • Support & Resistance – how to buy near support, how to handle resistance.
  • Learning to control your trading emotions and make good decisions
  • How and Why base hit swing trading works.
  • Learn my favorite strategies.

Extra Income / Control Your Future / You Choose

A Deeper Understanding

Candlesticks, price action and chart patterns with trendlines

Additional Insights to Trading

On the indicators we use such as the Volatility Stop, T-Line and rising 34-EMA

The Power of Price Action and

Naked Charts

Learn more about naked charts - the power they hold and you can seeο»Ώ

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Through their collective experience, Rick, Doug, Steve and Ed have put together a fantastic group of services for the technical trader. They won't tell you what to buy or sell or when to execute the trade. Instead, and most importantly, they will provide you with the education, guidance and tools to enable you to make most informed decision to put the odds of success in your favor. The ball is in your court but with these guys on your team you can be confident that you will have the best chance to win more than you lose.

Joe Arleo

Hit and Run Candlesticks and Right Way Options are great support and educational services. It has helped me be more focused by planning the trades, understanding the chart and price action. Rick, Doug, and the others want the members to be successful. They have great archived material on the website for those of us who cannot always be in the chatroom. Thank you.

Terri Vehnekamp

What a blessing Rick and Doug have been to me, they are great teachers, true professionals and "no hype kinda guys", something that is very hard to find in the world of trading! I hope to be with them a very longtime...

Daniel Oliver

The knowledge I have gained from both Rick and Doug have made me a better, smarter trader. I have struggled with trading for years and once I found Hit and Run candlesticks, thanks to Ed Carter, I finally feel that I am no longer struggling. Their methods of teaching are superior in the fact that they are easy to understand, and they teach you how to fish!

Frank Baxter

This website is one that teaches how and when to trade. It also highlights particular trades which they feel have good probabilities.

A rather rare website among the various stock and option websites.

Jack White

This is not your usual service that sends out a ton of stock recommendations and then cherry picks the winners to show you how great they are. Hit and Run Candlesticks and Right Way Options are truly educational services. They taught me how to trade not what to trade.

The entire team: Rick, Doug, Steve and Ed are there to help and answer your questions. They are awesome. They cut years off my learning curve. And it's a team effort. Everyone in the room (all the members) are there to help with invaluable insights and advice. The only service you will ever need. Thanks to all the team for how you have helped me and for all you do.

Jonathan Bolnick

Rare to have a service teach you how they find their choices but, HRC/RWO teaches you how to fish instead of fishing for you. And, your ideas are not panned but shared, implemented, or improved upon. Sharing is caring.

Thomas Bradly

I have been a listener for about 6 months now, I must say the repetition in training lessons has helped me a lot. I noticed that I stick to my rules much more than I have in the past. As a result of that, I have improved my win/loss ratio about 30%. The information and content is truthful and proven to work if practiced properly.

Quentine Lockhart